Lunch at Borough Market | London

One of the places that I instantly fell in love with in London will be Borough Market. We visited the lunch market on a Tuesday which was perfect as we had no intention of buying any fresh stuffs. After reading some reviews about this place, I have very high hope on their food. It didn’t disappoint. We left with satisfied food belly.

 1. Oyster from Richard Howard.

image IMG_6371

I heard that they have fresh oysters here. While passing by, the man from Richard Haward was so friendly that he started introducing us to his oysters and even taught us how to choose the best oyster. 4 oysters for £6 sounds like a very good deal for us.

2. Chicken combo from Ethiopian Flavors.


We walked to the back where the lunch market were located and saw a queue forming at Ethiopian Flavors so we joined. What could possibly go wrong when everyone ahead seemed to be a return customer? We had a medium chicken combo which came with rice and 2 sides. We opted for spinach and cabbage as sides. It was so good. The first bite might taste a bit weird, as soon as we got use to the taste, we just can’t stop eating.

3. Anything from Artisan Food.

IMG_6395 IMG_5891 IMG_5892

Opposite to Ethiopian Flavors, we found Artisan Foods. The bakeries looked so good that I cannot resist myself from them. I wanted so many of them but ended up with a cheese stick kind of thingy and a puff with custard cream. They were good.

4. Cheese.


We even tried different kind of cheese from this lovely couple who offered tester and tried to educate us about cheese. There were still a lot that we wanted to try, but we were still full from our breakfast in duck and waffle. So we’ll have to leave the rest for the next time.

Continuing the list will be food we never tried but wanted to.

5. Roast Hog.


6. Donuts from Bread Ahead.

7. Cheese & Olives Sticks from Bread Ahead.

8. Stir fry scallops from Shell Seekers


9. Parma Ham Panino from Gastronomica


Here’s another discovery.


Lucy May Walker. She’s just amazing. I love her voice so much that I’m listening to her now.



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