Frenchie To Go | Paris


Frenchie To Go is first cafe we visited in Paris. Without having any internet, we depended solely on a physical map we picked up in the train station to find this place. It is not located on the main street, but it’ll just be right behind it, and it is a walking distance from Louvre.


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When we first entered, we found that the place is so much smaller that we thought it will be. However, the place feels so trendy and cozy. It has a few hightop tables and with not more than 20 seats. There was not much guests on that morning, it didn’t feel  all cramped up.

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Cutlery and water were self-served. We ordered at the counter and food came after 10 mins. We had a Benedict with bacon and a bacon and egg muffins with a cup of genmaicha. The muffins was a bit dry, but the beef bacon tasted so good. The Benedict was not the best but the bacon was so perfectly done.

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If you’re finding for somewhere trendy and have good vibes for a breakfast, this is definitely a go. However, I still think that egg breakfasts in UK are better.

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