Duck and Waffle | London



This is one of my top 3 food in London. I visited them for lunch last year and realized that only by booking you can score a window seat. I tried to make a reservation for dinner, but every slot was full on the day we’re available. Soon I found out that they still have tables for breakfast and it’ll be £2 cheaper, why not take the advantages?


The restaurant is located at 40th floor in the Heron Tower with an open kitchen concept.

Though there is no specific dress code, diners here are mostly in business attire. I got a lot of stares when I arrived with a hoodie over t shirt, jeans and backpack last year. So I decided to have something a bit more put together this time.

As I mentioned earlier, most of the window seats are by booking only. We were so lucky to get a seat with the perfect view of the Tower bridge and Gherkin Tower.

Here comes the killer. Waffles, duck leg, duck egg with maple syrup. You can never go wrong with eggs and bread or pancakes, what about waffles? It is perfect too, in addition with the crispy duck leg and the view from 40th floor, it’s just heaven.

And that’s me, just a bit too excited for food.

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