Bucket List: ✓ London

After my trips to London, I have ticked off most of my bucket list. I absolutely love the city and I think everyone must visit the city at least once in your lifetime. Here’s my guide of 20 things to do in London and some places near London which I love.

 1. Champagne experience on London Eye during sunset.

Sunset on London Eye

Looking over London on the London Eye is magnificent. Looking over Sunset of London on the London Eye is even perfect. When all these come with a glass of champagne and your best companion, it’s just too good to be true.

2. Have the best ramen at Kanada-Ya.

It all started with a sudden craving for ramen and I started searching for the best bowl of ramen in London. I visited Bone Daddies, Wagamama, Koya Bar and found my favorite bowl of baby in Kanada-Ya. No other ramen can yet replace this bowl of ramen in my heart.

3. Take a ride on the double decker bus.


Can you see the front seat at the upper deck? That’s where you wanna be for the best view.

4. Afternoon Tea in Harrods.

This was definitely the most expensive meal during the whole trip. Enjoying scones, sandwiches, tea and champagne on a Sunday evening is one of the luxurious experiences you can have in the land of the Queen.

5. Take a walk on the Tower Bridge.


I used to think that this is the London Bridge. Turns out it’s the bridge next to the London Bridge.

6. Have a Lobster at Lobster & Burger.

IMG_0977 (1)

Only 3 dishes in the menu and everything cost you the same price. Just go for the steam lobster. Best value and fresh.

7. Try to meet the Royals at Buckingham Palace.


I realized I stood no chance as soon as I saw the crowd. So I thought maybe I’ll just walk down to Westminster Abbey where the dutch and duchess got married.

8. Enjoy the view from 40th floor with Duck and Waffle.


This is one of the best food you could ever find. Duck egg, duck leg, waffles with apple syrup. Go during breakfast to save £2 and make sure to make a reservation for a window seat.

9. Visit Westminster Abbey.


One of the most beautiful church I’ve seen, though I’ve seen not much of them. This place is stunning. Walking down the place where used to be the aisle for William and Kate’s wedding and seeing everything that was live on tv then came true.

10. Cruise along the Thames River.


Just hop onto any cruise and enjoy the view from another prospective.

11. Take a photo with the phone booth.


But in my case, I took a photo of the red phone booth instead of with them

12. Visit Harry Potter Studio.

And have a butter beer. The whole studio tour was magical and eye opening.

13. Visit football stadiums.

Arsenal, Liverpool, Man U. Arsenal has the best stadium in terms of facilities. Arsenal offers self guided tour, while you’ll have a guide for Liverpool and Man U. And how can I say no to sitting outside the director’s box or the coach’s seat as long as I wanted in the Emirates Stadium.

14. Buy tons of chocolates from M&M’s world.


I just can’t stop myself from all the chocolates. They even have personalized m&ms which have your messages on every single m&ms and personalized packaging too.

15. Watch a theater.

I watched Wicked because everyone says it’s good. It was my first theater. I thought I will get bored. But it was so good that I cried.

16. Eat all you can in Borough Market.


Definitely the best thing to do for a foodie like me. There are so much great food in Borough market. My tip: never go without an empty stomach. I went after breakfast during my visit and instantly regretted. I was too full to try out everything.

17. Discover the hidden London.

I found Leadenhall on my second trip to London. It’s not a very big place, but I definitely love the place. It’s so pretty. This was also the place where they filmed Diagon Alley on Harry Potter.

18. Explore Covent Garden.

Covent Garden

19. Walk along the Millennium Bridge.

The best photo spot is at the a bankside, right outside Tate Modern. You can see St Paul Cathedral at the other end of the bridge.

20. Fish & Chips

Of course, no trip will be perfect without eating fish and chips in the land of fish and chips. I don’t have any photo of fish and chips, but I could recommend one which is located at Oxford Street, Golden Union. The large cod with fries for £11.90 was served in a huge portion which I shared with my boyfriend.

. . . if you have extra time, why not have a city break . . .

21. Take a walk along the beach in Brighton.

Brighton is undeniable my favorite city. I love that the city is small but happening, yet not as busy as London. I love the lanes. I love places where you could see pedestrians walking everywhere. I love the sea, I love the beach.

22. Have a macaron under the Eiffel Tower, Paris.

This is one of most girl’s dream. Paris might not be as magical as you think it is especially during a gloomy, rainy day. Just be prepared to have a lot of sweetness in your mouth. I love all sort of sweet food in Paris. They will enlighten you.

23. Unleash your inner child in Paris Disneyland.


No one is ever too old for disneyland. And never miss the fireworks when the park closes.

24. York.

York is another favorite city of mine. I love the peace there. I love the heritage. I love most of the things there. Tea at Betty’s is really good.

Did I miss out any good places in London? If I do, let me know in the comment and I might visit them next time.

Till next time.

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