Breakfast Cafe | Moscow

Breakfast cafe Moscow

What I always find for in cafe: vibes, food.

A lot of people might not agree that Breakfast Cafe is the breakfast place here. I wouldn’t agree on that too. There’s a lot of interesting places around Moscow for breakfast. However, this is probably one of my top breakfast spots.

Breakfast Cafe is a very small cafe. It probably just have enough room for around 30. I always make a booking before going to avoid any sort of disappointment. Though it’s small, it’s not packed. Somehow it’s deco with the size and everything added up to extra coziness in the shop.

I love egg breakfast. I find it hard to find for a place that cook perfect egg every single time. This place has been good to me so far. My go to dish would definitely be the breakfast board. It’s just a very simple breakfast with fried egg, toast, avocado, cherry tomatoes and a choice of bacon, ham or smoked salmon. I go for smoked salmon every time. Somehow, simple dish like this will just enlighten my day especially with the presentation and the idea of cooking it myself.

I used to came here with some of my girlfriends during lazy day or just a day to lounge around. I always ordered their tea as I knew we will overdo the meal. This time round, I got to try their hot chocolate and I love it. It is not as good as Coffee Bean’s double hot chocolate, it’ll still be somewhere just a bit below there.

So far, everything here has done me well. I hope it’ll never disappoint me.


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