About the Author

Yup, and that’s me, as quirky as you could think.

I’m <strong>Yivian</strong>. I love travelling, photography, tech, coding, and am basically another big geek here in the net.

I came from a small city in Malaysia called Ipoh (well-known with her food). I’ve been studying abroad since late 2013. I am currently based in Moscow. I am a medical student. I have a few long weekends, mid-semester and semester break thru the year and I use them to travel or visit home.

Everything started back in 2013 when I came to Moscow. I have the eager and urge to explore every corner of this city. I fell in love with architecture when I first saw Kremlin / Red Square. Then I met St Basil Cathedral and she was the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

I started travelling alone in 2015. I fell in love with solo travelling. I did most of my travelling with friends but I usually like to explore the city alone. If your travel partner is a photographer, you’ll understand the amount of time you have to wait for them just to get a perfect shot.

I’ve been to 21 cities in 11 countries the last 4 years. I am not going to stop. And I really hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve been trying to create over here, be inspired to travel and maybe help you out on your little trip. 😉

Enjoy and I’ll see you around.