3-Day Itinerary : London ( 72 Hours in London )

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#1: Brunch at Borough Market

Borough Market is one of the oldest markets in London. First, have a dozen of oyster from Richard Howard’s Oyster for the appetizer. Then, head next door to have a duck sandwich from Le Marche du Quartier. Walk into the market again, have a cup of fresh juice to rinse your pallet. Head to Greedy Goat Ice Cream to have their goat’s milk ice cream in any flavour you love. Chocolate is the best. On your way out, grab some fresh baked goods from Bread Ahead. They serve the best doughnut with custard.


#2: Shakespeare’s Globe, Tate Modern

From Borough Market, walk towards the Thames’ River and walk along Bankside all the way East and you will see Shakespeare’s Globe with Tate Modern right next to it.

#3: Millenium Bridge to St Paul’s Cathedral

Right in front of Tate Modern, you could see Millenium Bridge leading all the way towards St Paul’s Cathedral on the other end.

#4: Southbank

Walk to Blackfriar, cross the bridge and continue to stroll along the Southbank, enjoy the breeze and the view of Thames’ River till you arrive at London Eye.


#5: Sunset @ London Eye

I feel that getting onto London Eye during sunset gives you the best value out of the ticket. You got to snap some photos of London skyline while the sky is still bright and blue on the way up as well as the perfect sunset right over Big Ben while on the way down.

#6: Westminster Bridge, Big Ben

As soon as you get out of Big Ben, the sky is still bright enough for the perfect picture with Big Ben on Southbank or Westminster Bridge.

#7: Leicester Square, Chinatown

Then walk towards Leicester Square or you could take a bus there. Visit M&M’s World to get some personalized chocolates. Then head towards Chinatown to try their famous Roasted Duck and then grab a cup of bubble tea and a bubblewrap for dessert.


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#1: Breakfast @ The Breakfast Club

Go early. When I say early, I mean before 8.30 or 9.00 am. This is to avoid the queue and the crowd, just so you can have a perfect English Breakfast, Eggs Benedict or your favourite stack of pancake in peace.

#2: Changing of Guards @ Buckingham Palace

It usually starts around 10.45 or 11.00 am and it will last for around 45 minutes. If you do not wish to take photos in front of Buckingham Palace or Victoria Memorial, you could leave after 15 – 20 minutes. Nothing much is going on after that.


#3: Wellington Arch

Walk along Constitution Hill which is located at the left of Buckingham Palace. You will be walking between Green Park and Buckingham Palace Garden. Wellington Arch will be right at the end.

#4: Afternoon Tea @ Harrod’s

The most traditional afternoon tea will definitely be at The Ritz. What I love about Harrod’s is their food hall, you got to do some shopping after having a luxurious afternoon tea.

#5: Hyde Park

And if all of those are too much or too luxurious, Hyde Park is just walking distance away. Spend those hot summer days soaking in the sun in Hyde Park or you could pay a visit to Winter Wonderland during the cold gloomy winter.


#6: Covent Garden

Take a tube to Covent Garden for more high street shopping, street performances and FOOD.

#7: Dinner @ Shack Shake

YES. I’m suggesting to have the New York burger instead of anything else. Well, you can’t get them in most of the places around the world and they are really good burgers. You should give it a go if you have never tried any of them


If not head to Flat Iron for one of the best steaks in town or my one of favourite places in the world, Nando’s, for their peri-peri chicken.


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#1: Breakfast @ Duck & Waffle

Remember to reserve a spot on their website at least a month or two earlier. Request for a window seat and you’ll love it. I usually suggest going early at 8.00 or 8.30 am. If the time you love is full, try going at night after 11 pm or going really early before 6.30 am.

#2: Leadenhall Market

This was the place that was partly used as Diagon Alley in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

#3: Tower of London & Tower Bridge

Tower of London has the best view of Tower Bridge. I have never visited Tower of London, maybe you could do so and let me know how is it. I love Tower Bridge. I love to get onto it and look down from glass floor. The view up there is simply magnificent.

#4: The Shard

It has London’s best highest and best view. Can’t deny it’s very beautiful up there that you could even have a view of the city while taking a dump and feel like the whole city is looking at you doing your business.


#5: Marble Arch

From London Bridge take westbound of Jubilee line to Bond Street Station and you’ll arrive at Oxford Street. Walk west to see Marble Arch at the end of the street.

#6: Late lunch @ Burger & Lobster

Treat yourself with some really fresh lobsters. I love to have my lobster steam to preserve its freshness, but a lot of people love it grill instead. Remember to make a reservation to avoid disappointment. They have a branch just around the corner of Bond Street Sation, you could find it easily.

#7: Oxford Street

From Marble Arch walk all the way back to where you came from and just along the street. Here you could find departmental stores like Selfridges and John Lewis, high street brands like Zara, Topshop, H&M.


#8:  Fish & Chips @ Golden Union

It’s located at Poland Street which is right opposite to Sports Direct. A large cod and chips cost £13.95 and you can share among 2 people.


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